Tribeca tank is toasty after getting its own cozy


On Sat., Dec. 13, as fiber artist Robyn Love watched, a team of professional riggers, erected her “water-tank cozy” on top of 395 Broadway, at Walker St., a block south of Canal St., in Tribeca. Meant to resemble a pencil, the crocheted, sweater-like sheath is yellowish-orange colored with a white top and black tip. The work was commissioned by educational charity D&AD to promote its Pencil Awards, a graphic design and advertising prize. The riggers hauled a ladder up the side of the 15-story building to facilitate the installation, then draped and secured the work over the 10,000-gallon water tank. They used zip ties to stitch the cozy together, opposite page top, right. The public art piece — knitted by Love and six volunteers — includes more than 30 miles’ worth of yarn. Love wore a cap she made whose colors also resembled a pencil, matching the cozy, bottom right.