Truman the celebrity parrot lands back in the arms of his owner

The “Where’s Waldo” hunt for Truman, the missing parrot, has come to a happy ending.

Michael Sazhin, the “Parrot Wizard” who lost his Cape Parrot Monday morning while letting him fly in Bensonhurst’s Satellite Park, was contacted Wednesday by a resident in Canarsie — six miles away — who said he had a screaming parrot in his backyard with a white beak and orange on his legs.

Sazhin, 27, was driven to the resident’s house by Ronen Levy, 43, a plumber from Midwood and fellow “flighted” parrot enthusiast who joined the citywide search for Truman, and who, Sazhin said, proved a lifesaver. “I was just exhausted,” from searching, Sazhin said.

Truman was fine. “He wasn’t dying to fly back into my arms,” but was bribed back with an almond, greeting his owner with a cheerful “hey, Cutie.”

Sazhin returned later in the day to give the resident the $1,000 reward.

“The whole friends-of-friends and social media thing — and national media thing — really worked,” to get Truman back, reported Sazhin, noting a Facebook post about his missing lost bird garnered 707 shares and 35,000 views.

While the wings of the adolescent bird won’t be clipped, Truman is, in effect, grounded for the forseeable future. “If I ever let him fly off a leash again, it will be with a transmitter,” said Sazhin.