Twitter’s new profile layout announced

Hope you like big pictures on Twitter, because they are about to get a lot more important.

Twitter unveiled its new profile page on Tuesday, with photos taking a more prominent role in the header (it spreads across the page), profile picture (it’s larger), and the Following list no longer being a list but rather a series of boxes with those users’ profile pictures. In essence, it makes users’ personal page look less like a running feed and more personal.

The new profile will also allow users to look through just the tweets that have photos and videos.

The new Twitter profile will also allow users to “pin” a tweet, which will allow visitors to your profile page to see a certain tweet first. Additionally, a user’s “best tweets” (the ones that are shared the most, that is) will appear bigger on people’s profiles.

Existing Twitter users will get the new profile within a few weeks.

Twitter users on Tuesday immediately noted that they thought it resembled Facebook’s timeline redesign from 2011. “why does Twitter look like facebook, i’m gonna throw up,” read one tweet , for example.