Vibrant colors come alive at Tompkins Square Park

Photo by Bob Krasner

If you were looking for signs of spring this weekend, you needed to go no further than Tompkins Square Park on Saturday. The warmth and sunshine were two of the draws, but it was the joyful sights and sounds of Pinc Louds that brought a vibrant, all-ages crowd to the site. Like vividly chromatic birds returning from migration, the dynamically hued fans showed their true colors while bouncing and swaying to the music.

Alternating sets with Ayla Huguenot and Dirty Circuit, who had plenty of their own fans there, Pinc Louds relished being back in the park after their winter break. Band leader Claudi had another metaphor on hand to describe their fabulous audience. ” I absolutely love that human flowers are blossoming in Tompkins Square Park, ” they said. “Bring as much color as you can! “

Upcoming gigs will be announced on the artists’ Instagram pages: @pinclouds, @ayla.hugs and @dirty_circuit

Photos by Bob Krasner

Claudi of the Pinc Louds revving up the crowd at Tompkins Square Park

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