Video shows NYPD horses running loose in Brooklyn

Screenshot via Twitter

A rag of runaway NYPD horses made the streets of Midwood look like the Aqueduct Racetrack on Thursday afternoon. 

VIdeo shows the police-employed stallions breaking free from their restraints and running through the Brooklyn streets as awed Brooklynites looked on at the stable-break. 


The chase unfolded just before 12:30 pm on E. Eighth Street near Quentin Road, when the officers dismounted their horses after one of the officers experienced an unspecified minor medical issue, according to the police. 

Something then startled the beasts and they bolted. The widely-shared video on Twitter shows the two horses racing down a residential street with one on the sidewalk and the other on the road as an officer struggles to keep up. 

The officers managed to catch the horses within an hour and return them to a police vehicle, according to the police.

This story first appeared on our sister publication brooklynpaper.com.

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