W.T.C. Progress Update

Signs of progress at the World Trade Center site have been visibly mounting over the past year. As of Feb. 1, the Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center reported that 1 W.T.C., expected to open late 2013, will have the glass facade installed in floors 90-100. The first piece 408-foot-tall spire (which will bring total height to 1776 feet) was installed this January and will take 2-3 months to complete. Construction of the observation deck, elevator installation and utilities is underway.

At 4 W.T.C., the construction which began in Feb. 2008 will wrap up in fall of this year. Tower 4 topped out at 72 stories, and the curtain wall installation which began in April 2011 is now above floor 69. Some below-grade mechanical work in ongoing as well as fireproofing, masonry and elevator installation.

The towers will connect via the W.T.C. Transportation Hub, set to open in 2015. It will unite the $1.4 billion Fulton Center’s 12 subway lines with the PATH train, ferries and World Financial Center (to be renamed Brookfield Place in fall 2013) The Fulton Center is on track to open in 2014, after some equipment damage and construction delays by Superstorm Sandy.

Construction on the Cortlandt St. R Station platforms ended in 2011. The Dey St. entrance opened to 4/5 Train passengers in October 2012 and will connect to the Dey St. underground concourse, which still has no announced opening date. The A/C to J/Z connection and A/C to 4/5 connections were renovated in spring and summer of 2012, as well as the A/C mezzanine.

The 4/5 platforms are under currently renovation. Installation of the main building’s glass panels and completion of the historic Corbin building exterior is scheduled for early 2013.

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