Weekend scenes: The couch, Kilroy and a false call


Two women who found a discarded couch in the sun on E. Sixth St. between Avenues A and B, above, looked like they were imagining warmer days to come. (However, any furniture on the sidewalk could have bedbugs — so, in taking a seat, they might have been taking a chance!) Meanwhile, on a construction fence on Fourth Ave. at 13th St., below right, “Kilroy Wuz Here” was written. The saying and image were ubiquitous during World War II, when U.S. soldiers graffitied it worldwide. A couple of weekends ago, fire engines filled E. Sixth St. between Avenues A and B as firefighters responded to a call of “odor of gas,” below left. Some of the smoke eaters tried to open a ground-floor window at 510 E. Sixth St. and at adjacent buildings, but upon entering, they determined the report to be unfounded and left.