We’ve Gone Weekly!

APRIL 9, 2015
Jennifer Goodstein Publisher, NYC Community Media, LLC
Jennifer Goodstein
Publisher, NYC Community Media, LLC

Spring is in the air. The sun is finally shining, birds are singing and flowers are blooming. It’s only right that in this time of growth and rebirth, we announce our own new season. Chelsea Now is going WEEKLY!

Your favorite free community newspaper will still be delivered to all of the same Chelsea locations — plus some new ones north of 30th St. Our loyal readers might have noticed expanded coverage of Hudson Yards and Hell’s Kitchen. Now we are delivering the paper to those readers.

More good news from Chelsea Now: the first contribution from our new columnist, Lenore Skenazy, appears in our April 23 issue (and on this website). If the name sounds familiar, here’s why:

Google “America’s Worst Mom” and you’ll quickly learn that Lenore Skenazy once let her nine-year-old son ride the subway alone. The columnist and reality show host got that title after writing about her boy’s remarkable experience safely getting from point A to point B without an adult by his side.

But not everyone thought this was a good idea — and in response to the media blowback, she founded the “Free-Range Kids” book, blog, and movement. Her feisty belief that our kids are safer and smarter than our culture gives them credit for has landed her on talk shows including “Dr. Phil” and “The View.” She has lectured internationally, from Microsoft’s headquarters to the Sydney Opera House, and she’s also host of “World’s Worst Mom,” a reality show airing on Discovery-TLC in most of the world (but, surprisingly, not America!).

Now, Skenazy brings her brand of fun, engaging writing to Community News Group and NYC Community Media. A graduate of Yale, she lives Queens with her husband and two teen sons. Her writing has appeared in the New York Daily News, where she was a columnist for 14 years, the New York Sun, NPR and, of course, MAD Magazine.

So check out what Lenore has to say this week and every week in Chelsea Now.

Jennifer Goodstein

President & Publisher