Will ‘SoHY’ fly as name for area below Hudson Yards?

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You can be in SoHY, the building, if you live in one of its apartments, like this one. It remains to be seen whether the name will also catch on for the neighborhood.

BY GABE HERMAN | The new Manhattan neighborhood names just seem to keep piling up.

The latest rebranding attempt is “SoHY,” as in South of Hudson Yards. The new moniker is pronounced “so high” and is being introduced by a new condo both for the surrounding neighborhood and the building itself, at 550 W. 29th St., between 10th and 11th Avenues, from New Development Group.

Units officially went up for sale on Jan. 9, with most listed in the $3 million to $4 million range. The penthouse goes for $7.5 million.

New Development Group includes real estate broker Ryan Serhant, who has been featured on Bravo’s reality television show “Million Dollar Listing New York.”

“Who is excited for a NEW building in a NEW neighborhood?” he tweeted on Jan. 2.

The 2017 building has 12 floors and 19 total apartments, according to City Realty, with a fitness center, spa room, roof deck and of course proximity to the High Line. Sorry, there is no swimming pool.

So far, the “SoHY” acronym hasn’t sparked protests like those in southern Harlem in 2017, when real estate companies tried to rebrand it as “SoHa.”

But some locals have taken to social media to voice complaints, including Elizabeth Keenan, a real estate agent, who tweeted, “just got a broker email introducing the ‘new development and new neighborhood’ of ‘SOHY.’ The email tells me it stands for South of Hudson Yards. Which is already the neighborhood of CHELSEA.”

Keenan then wrote, “Look, I LOVE helping people find homes and guiding people through the stressful process of selling. But I need all my fellow real estate people to cut through at least 50% of the bulls—.”

Responding to online confusion over how to pronounce “SoHY,” local Kristy Lamb tweeted, “Soy. We are going to mock it as Soy and continue to actually call it Chelsea. Which is what it is.”

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