Yes Virginia, he works for Gerson


Downtown Express photo by Jefferson Siegel

Most days Paul Nagle wears a suit and tie to his job as spokesperson for City Councilmember Alan Gerson. But last Saturday morning, Nagle donned a suit of a different kind to participate in SantaCon, a massive pub-crawl of thousands of people dressed up as St. Nick. Nagle has been participating in SantaCon for six years and always makes his own costume. He got involved through Kostume Kult, a city group that lauds creative self-expression. Early in Saturday’s revelry, a Downtown Express photographer did a double take before recognizing Nagle and snapping his photo in front of the post office on Eighth Ave. If people didn’t recognize him, “Mission accomplished,” Nagle said. For Nagle and the other Santas, the fun lasted until 3 a.m.