Gerrit Cole may only be the start of a deep Bronx pitching staff

Houston Astros starting pitcher Gerrit Cole (45) delivers against the New York Yankees during the first inning of Game 3 of baseball’s American League Championship Series, Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019, in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

To quote Billy Madison, “now you’re all in big, big trouble.”

The New York Yankees — dubbed at one time as the “Evil Empire” — are one step closer to rebuilding the Death Star as the New York Yankees signed Houston’s ace pitcher Gerrit Cole to a record-setting nine year, $324M deal.

As sweet as it must feel for Yankees fans in scooping one of the Astros’ stars amid their sign-stealing scandal, Cole’s acquisition is much bigger than just revenge. Cole should the beginning of a dominant pitching staff in The Bronx for years to come.

If Brian Cashman and the Yankees have the space or the desire to go for the kill this December, they have plenty of options on the free agent market, especially from the west coast.

Since the Yankees picked up the star studded Cole, what the team needs now for pitching is a workhorse to compliment the starter’s capabilities.

Picking up Jyun-Jin Ryu from the Dodgers to take the third or fourth slot in the Yanks rotation could make for bullpen relief that has not been seen in New York for years. That aid will make things easier for the Bombers if free agent Dellin Betances does decide to walk this offseason.

Also, an east coast resurgence could be in play for the Giants Madison Bumgarner, who has plenty of good baseball ahead of himself.

Even if Cashman moves in another direction, plenty of strong relievers are still on the table and could make for a more fulfilling, deep post-season squad if acquired.

For right now though, the empire prepares to strike back.

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