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1- Departed Trump staffer

7- Nicknamed departed Trump staffer

12- Departed Trump staffer

14- Deep sleep

15- Insult

16- Type of whale

17- Doe _____ (2 words)

18- Whose PCs were hacked by Russians

19- Typeface feature

23- Ribald West

26- Ballot hanger

30- Window part

31- Snapchat or Instagram

32- Charlie Chaplin’s last wife

33- Teddy Roosevelt said one should do this softly

35- Mar-A-Lago has one

36- The object of Trumpian esteem

38- With 27 down, job with little security these days

40- They’ll get your stuff from here to there

41- New kind of farm popping up across the country

45- Red Sea city

46- Fey-as-Palin: I can do this from my house regarding Russia

47- Kathie Lee’s small-screen partner

48- North in Paris

49- High-tension places (abbr.)

50- A whole lot of Bartolos

52- How the Thrilla in Manilla ended

54- Columbus’ home

58- Mann, Osbourne or Semple McPherson

61- One of 538 in one national college

64- Longtime trading card company

65- Kind of chart

66- Departed Trump staffer

67- Departed Trump staffer 


1- Chemical banned from baby bottles by FDA in 2012

2- Boxer talk

3- Nassau County control board (abbr.)

4- Stereotypical protractor guy

5- Orchestra tuner

6- He recused himself, or did he?

7- Lots of pieces of writing (abbr.)

8- Alley ____

9- Newspaper commentaries

10- Iconic product of first primary state 

11- Not-yet-departed Trump staffer

13- What bridges and press secretaries are under

20- Short farewell message

21- There’s more than one in the Seine

22- Trump does not ever admit to any

24- Attach

25- Pruitt would love to gut it (abbr.)

26- Chile is its leading producer

27- See 38 across

28- It could be a worker or soldier

29- Home for an emcee

34- The man with a constitutional pocket

37- Cooper Union and the Public Theater are in it 

39- First words spoken by a Robert Mueller grand jury witness

40- Employ

42- Message of electronic giddiness

43- Kerfuffle

44- The Rockies and the Andes

50- He took notes, and was fired

51- 10-time Grand Slam champion

53- Off, dispatch

55- Kind of tide

56- Start of a federal fiscal yr.

57- Adjective suffix

59- Poetic nighttime

60- North or south ending

62- Number on the president’s Boeing

63- “I understand” in texting lingo

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