NYPD: 13% of the entire force on sick leave due to coronavirus

traffic safety
A police officer with gloves and mask takes no chances earlier this month. (Photo by Todd Maisel)

The number of NYPD police officers with coronavirus continues to rise in New York City with nearly 13 percent of the force currently out on sick leave.

Of those, 780 uniformed officers and 88 civilian workers were confirmed to have COVID-19 and have been quarantined. Commissioner Dermot Shea said over the weekend that some officers who were quarantined early on for the virus will be coming back on the job.

Shea said at the Mayor’s press conference on Sunday that he anticipates that by Monday morning close to 900 members will test positive for coronavirus. He continues to counsel officers and the public to maintain six feet between each person in public.

The NYPD has made changes to the way they interact with the public and with each other, attempting to maintain social distancing when possible. Many precincts have staggered roll calls so that fewer officers are present for each shift instruction.

Some officers are wearing masks in the field, while others are maintaining distance whenever they can. Officers have also been instructed to pull back on “broken windows” enforcement, leaving many petty crimes alone.

In addition, police and Sheriffs officers continue to regulate crowds throughout the city. The NYPD visited numerous sites throughout the city including: Officers visited 2,682 supermarkets of which 1,415 were closed. NYPD officers also visited 7,667 bars and restaurants of which 5,867 were closed (some were engaged in take-out orders and delivery). NYPD officers visited 1,482 public places of which 272 were closed.  NYPD officers visited 3,608 personal care facilities of which 3,606 were closed. 

There was one arrest and four criminal court summons were issued during the above timeframe, according to police.