Truck collapses into sink hole after Park Slope water main break

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Police stand by the secure the collapse zone around the watermain truck. (Photo by Todd Maisel)

It was just a bump in the road moments before a construction truck collapsed into a large sink hole in Park Slope Thursday morning, fire officials said.

No injuries were reported when the 5-ton water main construction truck carrying tools and supplies for Liberty Water and Sewer, collapsed into the 9-by-7 foot hole in the street at 15th Street and Fourth Avenue.

Fire officials said it appeared a broken water main about 30 feet away, might have contributed to the collapse of the street where a metal plate was situated due to prior water main work. It appears the asphalt supporting the metal plate had been undermined by flowing water uphill from collapse.

No gas mains were effected by the collapse, fire officials said. Several larger trucks were parked behind that vehicle, but were unaffected by the collapse.

Workers from Liberty Water and Sewer said there was a broken 10-inch main nearby that may have undermined the street. Crews were already at work trying to fix the main. A company employee said it shouldn’t be too difficult to remove the truck.

A construction vehicle collapsed into the street in Park Slope Thursday morning. (Photo by Todd Maisel)