Two injured, traffic jammed in overturn truck with steel girders off RFK Bridge to Bronx

Workers load steel girders onto a flatbed truck after another truck overturned, dumping tons of steel onto the roadway of interstate 87 from the RFK Bridge. (Photo by Todd Maisel)

Two men were injured Tuesday afternoon when they lost control of a rented flatbed truck loaded with steel girders as they exited the RFK Bridge into the Bronx and overturned, the load spilling onto the roadway, police said.

The men were not seriously injured and were taken to a Lincoln Hospital.

The crash occurred at about 12:30 p.m. as the rented Penske flatbed truck was coming from Queens and exited in the Bronx-bound RFK Bridge onto Interstate 87 in the Bronx. The driver apparently lost control and overturned, tons of steel dumping onto the roadway.

The entire ramp into the Bronx was blocked, forcing all vehicles onto the Bruckner Expressway. State police were forced to block the roadway as workers with a front end loader were had to reload the steel girders onto another flatbed truck as tow trucks righted the damaged vehicle.

No charges were lodged against the driver at this time, but police are still investigating.

Traffic from the Bruckner onto the RFK Bridge and from the RFK into the Bronx was backed up for miles as crews cleaned the roadway.

Traffic coming from Queens was backed up for miles. (Photo by Todd Maisel)
A tow truck removes the damaged flatbed truck. (Photo by Todd Maisel)