New report shows where NYC neighborhoods are giving their financial support for the 2020 election

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Screenshot via RentHop.com

A new interactive map shows who your neighborhood is supporting in the 2020 election.

A new study from RentHop sought to find out which candidates in the 2020 election were getting the most support by looking at which ZIP codes have the most unique donors for each candidate. According to their findings, New York City as a whole is “Feeling the Bern” — Bernie Sanders had the most unique donors with 6,971 in total last year.

Pete Buttigieg is behind Sanders with 5,025 donors, with Elizabeth Warren following with 4,668 donors. President Trump is next in line with 3,058, and Joe Biden trails behind with 2,804 donors.

When you break it down further, the five boroughs are split on where the support goes. In Manhattan, Buttigieg is leading the way with 3,928 unique donors overall. In particular, Buttigieg scooped up 416 donors in the 10011 ZIP code (Chelsea/Midtown West), 339 unique donors in 10023 (Upper West Side), 288 in 10024, 210 in 10003 (East Village), and 182 in 10128 (Upper East Side), all of which when combined totaled $2,321,833.39 in donations.

Though Buttigieg maintained the highest number in Manhattan, Sanders followed behind with 2,787 unique donors. Warren and Biden followed with 2,341 donors and 2,281 donors, respectively, with Biden picking up two support in the 10021 ZIP code with 198 donors and the 10028 ZIP code with 147 donors, both in the Upper East Side.

Like the city as a whole, Brooklyn had the most support for Sanders with 2,797 total unique donors. Sanders picked up the most donors in the 11216 ZIP code (Bedford Stuyvesant) with 177 donors, followed by the 11222 area (Little Poland) with 170 donors. Following behind Sanders is Warren, who had 1,791 total donors — she also picked up the most donors in the 11215 ZIP code (South Slope) with 283 unique donors and the 11201 ZIP code (Downtown Brooklyn) with 220 unique donors.

In Queens, Sanders maintain the most support with 984 donors. Northwestern Queens showed a lot of support for Sanders, particularly in the 11101 (Long Island City) area with 53 donors, the 11106 area (Long Island City) also with 53 donors, and the 11105 area (Steinway) with 58 donors. However, Queens also garnered a fair amount of support for Trump: in total, Trump secured 867 unique donors. Queens’ 11357 ZIP code (Whitestone) mustered up 54 unique donors for Trump, followed by 23 in the 11379 ZIP code (Middle Village).

Up in the Bronx, Sanders had the most unique donors with 205 in total, with Trump close behind with 185 donors. While Sanders had many ZIP codes with the most donors, including 10463 (Riverdale) with 51 unique donors, Trump picked up the most support in the 10465 ZIP code (Eastchester Bay) with 42 donors.

Out on Staten Island, Trump maintained his support with 388 unique donors last year, which Sanders behind him with 127 donors. While most ZIP codes on Staten Island favored Trump, the borough had one outlier: the 10301 ZIP code (Silver Lake) showed more support for Sanders with 27 total donors, followed by 23 donors for Trump.

Check out the interactive map below, or read the full report at renthop.com.

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