5 NYC real estate news sites in 2020 that still do original reporting


In today’s constant stream of news, the role of original reporting has both been elevated and marginalized.

With so few publishers willing to pay for original reporting, not many writers get to do it. Other writers and their publishers, needing to fill people’s news feeds with fresh content, quickly follow up with stories analyzing and adding to the original stories.

The many articles that surround the originally reported stories, make it hard to know which stories actually provided the information that the other stories relied on.

Here are five sites that still do original NYC real estate news reporting.

The Real Deal

The Real Deal is the go-to site for people in the real estate business. The site’s reporters have relationships with brokers, developers, marketers and other people who provide them with background information that make them conversation-driving members of the community. Subscription required, some free articles.


Founded in 2004 as a local real estate blog, Curbed is now the real estate site of national publisher Vox Media. Though national, Curbed maintains its New York roots and Curbed New York gives its reporters the time to really examine topics to relevant to New Yorkers while it also publishes helpful pieces like Where to find affordable housing in NYC. Free.

The New York Times

Though the Times is often not the first one to report on a story, the Times gives it’s writers the time to write heavily researched pieces that often shape people’s understanding of a topic, such as One in Four of New York’s New Luxury Apartments Is Unsold. Subscription required, some free articles.

Wall Street Journal

Though international in focus, the WSJ often reports on local NYC real estate news. A recent story — New York Sees Biggest Home-Building Boom in Years — looked at building permits across the boroughs to provide a different, and more positive, perspective on the current market. Subscription required, some free articles.

New York YIMBY

Founded after the housing bust in 2011, New York YIMBY, is a local real estate blog that shines a spotlight on what’s happening day to day in NYC building and construction. YIMBY gets marks for being first to publish renderings of new residential and commercial buildings. True to its name — which stands for ‘Yes in my backyard’ — YIMBY follows new buildings and construction of everything from Manhattan skyscrapers to smaller buildings anywhere in the city. Free.


To get the latest news from the sites in this article, as well as from many more sites, visit Marketproof and set up your own personal NYC real estate news feed. Your news feed will provide excerpts of the latest stories and links back to the original for further reading.

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