Canarsie shootings rise, 69th Precinct takes proactive approach

A shooting spike in Canarsie in the early part of 2014 is causing the NYPD to place more officers, some from the recent Police Academy graduating class, in the 69th Precinct. According to the precinct’s CompStat report, there have been 22 shooting incidents in the area in 2014 as of July 6, up from six in the year to date in 2013.

The NYPD declined to comment on the spike in shootings and calls to the local Community Board 18 went unanswered.

Celia Carmichael, editor of the Canarsie Living blog, said that while the development is disturbing, the 69th Precinct is taking a proactive stance.

“In addition to more manpower the officers have canvassed the area with fliers to alert residents about crime spikes and ways to protect themselves,” she said.
She noted that on Tues. Aug. 5th, the 69th Precinct Community Council will host its annual Night Out Against Crime.

“This is very timely and Canarsiens and community organizations are being asked to come out and highlight our commitment against crime in Canarsie,” she said.

Though the spike is high, residents still adamantly say they feel safe in the neighborhood.

“When I’m hanging out in the city I come home at 11 [p.m.] or 12 [a.m.] and walk from the train station home,” said Pate Felix. “I never feel unsafe.”