Donald Trump’s first mansion, which he bought at age 35, is for sale for $54 million

How can Donald Trump become the next president? By telling people that his first mansion, once purchased for a measly $4 million, is now worth 1,000 percent more! 

Now if that doesn’t demonstrate his ability to get America’s economy on track, we surely don’t know what will. 

The Greenwich, Connecticut, mansion features a 19,7333-sqaure-foot main house and guest house with eight bedrooms, 13 baths, a three-story rotunda, grand staircase, home theater, tennis courts, staff apartments and probably a lot of mirrors to practice billionaire poses. 

This is all according to TopTenRealEstateDeals.com, which could be a front for a Trump business venture given its triumphant name. 

The website, in its factoid-packed press release, points out that the Donald and former wife Ivana bought the 1939 mansion for $4 million in 1982. She won it in their divorce, and sold it for $15 million. The new owners toned down the Trump decor. It’s now going for $54 million. 

It’s being listed by Tamar Lurie of Coldwell Banker, but you don’t care about that, do you? 

The point is the Donald once lived in this glorious grand mansion! And, you, too, could as well.

Okay, maybe not you.