New York City’s strangest apartments

Who needs a trip to the museum when some of the best New York City sights are right at home?

The real estate market of our wacky metropolis proves that anything can, and does, happen. Take for example the rustic cottages on building rooftops, like the one at 203. E. 13th St. in the East Village and another at 79 Greenwich St. in the West.

“Just because it sounds non-traditional,” doesn’t mean no one will want to live in it, according to Jessica Kaufman, a licensed associate real estate broker at Citi Habitats. “I always tell people to be open-minded.”

Some New Yorkers say they are.

Brooklyn resident Joseph Montes, 43, though skeptical of spaces where bathrooms and kitchens are one in the same, is willing to give all apartments the benefit of the doubt.

“It depends,” he said when asked if he’d live in a bizarre layout. “I’d have to see it.”

But not everyone is so adventurous.

“I wouldn’t be interested,” another Brooklyn resident, Liz Brown, 34, said of peculiar apartments. “It just doesn’t make sense [but] I guess you can do whatever you want here.”

After searching listings and speaking to brokers, we found out that she wasn’t exaggerating. Check out examples of some of the most, innovative, spaces we’ve seen listed on the market.