Pandemic hasn’t kept things quiet in New York City, as noise complaints are up

Annoyed man covering ears
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During just one week of social distancing, NYC 311 received nearly 12,000 noise complaints, nearly one fourth more than this time last year, according to a study from RentHop.

From March 20-28, 311 received 23.2% more noise complaints than that week in 2019, with many coming during the day and in neighborhoods further from the city center, suggesting New Yorkers are staying home to combat the COVID-19 outbreak as the mayor commanded.

Staten Island had the greatest increase from 2019, with 46% more complaints than last year, followed closely by the Bronx with 45.6%. Although Staten Island had the greatest percentage increase, they had 292 noise complaints in that week, far less than the 2,567 reported in the Bronx.

Brooklyn boasts the most complaints, narrowly beating out Manhattan with 3,430 complaints in a single week. Brooklyn reported a 28.6% increase in complaints overall.

See the interactive map below. Read the full report at renthop.com.