Q&A with Tracy So: Bartender at The Three Diamond Door

Tracy So, 33, is a bartender at the popular dive The Three Diamond Door, at 211 Knickerbocker Ave. She also lives in the neighborhood.


How would you describe the nightlife scene around here?


People love to drink [in Bushwick]. You have your pick: You can have crappy dive bars like King’s Tavern [on Grand Street] or you can go to some place nice like Montana’s [on Troutman Street] if you want a good cocktail or food. There are so many [places to drink].


What do you like about working in this area?


The thing that I like about Bushwick is probably the culture that is growing here right now, and the food. I just like how there are a lot more people moving into the neighborhood and new faces and options [to eat and drink at] are popping up.


What’s something about the nabe that irritates you?


Late-night food options, it’s limited. It’s frustrating because a lot of the time service industry people — and there are a bunch of us that work in the industry [here] — don’t have a ton of places to go. There’s Tina’s [on Flushing Avenue], which is great, but just to have other options and not places that close at 4 [a.m.]