It’s not too late to winter-proof your HVAC

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Here are some easy ways you can optimize your HVAC system before it gets too cold. Or you can check out amNY Home Pros to find a pro to help you along. 

1. Turn your furnace on — now! 

Even your furnace needs practice. HVAC Pros suggest you fire up your furnace at least three times before winter to check that everything’s running smoothly. Here’s how: Set your thermostat to your desired winter climate and once you reach it, turn the air off.

2. Change your air filter and clean air vents

HVAC breakdowns typically occur because the filter gets clogged with dirt and dust. Also, clean your home regularly with a vacuum. A dusty home can cause ventilation blockages and inefficient airflow. 

3. Check your insulation

An HVAC professional can tell you if your insulation has deteriorated. Remember: Insulation is the key to an efficiently heated home.

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