5 different solutions for the Jets following Zac Wilson’s benching

Jets head coach Robert Saleh.
Jets head coach Robert Saleh.
AP Photo/John Munson

The New York Jets have decided on their second overall pick. New York has announced they have benched their former starting quarterback Zach Wilson in the middle of a postseason run. 

The future of New York’s former second-overall selection is now in doubt, not even two full years in the NFL.

There are a lot of different things that can happen Sunday and beyond. There are still several options to go through as Sunday’s game against Chicago draws closer, but the Jets appear to be looking for a new quarterback after the season. 

Here are five potential solutions to the Jets quarterback quandary. 

Scenario 1: Trade for JimmyG

A top quarterback on that list would be Jimmy G. Garoppolo has familiarity with Mike LaFleur and Robert Saleh and would have a pedigree of winning. The 49ers tried to do everything they could to move JimmyG and the Jets will probably be the top choice in 2023. 

This is a no-doubter move from New York and would show they are trying to contend in a loaded AFC. New York is no longer patient for results and is looking for it any which way it can. 

Scenario 2: Derek Carr

A possible outcome is that the Jets have cut all ties and decided that Wilson is a sunk cost. If that’s the case, all options are on the table. Derek Carr, a good quarterback on a bad football team, could be on his way out of Las Vegas. Moving to play with the Jets would be a gamble for Carr, but it would undoubtedly be an immediate upgrade instead of waiting for Wilson to develop. 

Of all the potential changes at quarterback, Carr could be a top upgrade. 

Scenario 3: Drafting another quarterback

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. For the past decade, the Jets have been a team that has drafted a quarterback high on draft boards and has given an abnormally short leash to produce. Because of this, they’ve moved on young quarterbacks incredibly quickly and can’t seem to figure it out. 

Jets fans would be upset over this and I personally wouldn’t blame them. It wouldn’t make sense to have to go through this entire carousel over and over again. It is a possibility though. 

Scenario 4: Give up the farm for Lamar

New York’s benching of Wilson tells one thing: the Jets believe themselves to be contenders. With that being the case, getting the top potential player on the open market would be the first priority. 

It’s unlikely that Lamar Jackson, whose enjoying another MVP-caliber season, would leave Baltimore, but if the Ravens do not give him a fully guaranteed contract, he could theoretically demand a trade. If that happens, the Jets are going to be giving up everything for Lamar. 

Is it likely? Probably not. But it’s hard not to ignore a potential trade negotiation like this. 

Scenario 5: Wilson drastically improves in year 3, Jets give him one more shot

This is probably the most unlikely of outcomes. New York appears done with their young quarterback and it doesn’t seem like they’ll give him a shot to reclaim the job. 

But Zach Wilson is under contract for another two seasons after this year and carries a significant dead cap hit. If Wilson improves as a leader and works on his overall game during the offseason, it could lead to the Jets giving him one more chance as a starter and letting him earn the job in a quarterback battle during training camp. 

It’s unlikely though. The more plausible outcome is that New York is going to be looking for a new quarterback in the offseason. 

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