Knicks fail to get lucky, secure 11th pick in upcoming NBA Draft


Knicks fans’ hopes for a stroke of good fortune suffered a setback on Tuesday night, when the NBA Draft lottery solidified the team’s position with the 11th overall selection in the upcoming NBA Draft. 

The top-4 selections were determined randomly, with different teams having better-or-worse odds depending on their position in the standings, and the following picks were based solely on the team’s 2021-22 regular season record.

As such, the Knicks had just a 2% chance to secure the first overall pick in the draft, and a 9.4% chance to get a top 4 selection.

But the ping-pong balls failed to go New York’s way, and the team will now see 10 franchises picking before them during the June 23rd draft.

The Orlando Magic secured the top overall selection, followed by the Oklahoma City at #2, and the Houston Rockets at #3.

Gonzaga center Chet Holmgren is believed to be the top prospect entering the NBA, followed by Jabari Smith of the Auburn Tigers as the second best player in the draft. 

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The Knicks, with their 11th overall pick, will head into the NBA Draft Combine looking to steal a prospect with their selection.

Whoever the Knicks end up with, that prospect will join a team with a solid young core comprised of RJ Barrett, Obi Toppin, Immanuel Quickley and more. 

The team posted a disappointing 37–45 record this season, after they had made the playoffs the year prior.

Still, fans and the front office took solace in the development of their young core under head coach Tom Thibodeau, who will be returning for this 4th season at Madison Square Garden.