DeSean Jackson exposes Eagles’ great Donovan McNabb over Pro Bowl

DeSean Jackson has spoken out about Donovan McNabb

Former Eagles and Washington star, Desean Jackson has levied heavy claims against his former quarterback. 

Donovan McNabb’s legacy as an athlete is pristine in the city of Philadelphia. With five conference championship appearances, a Super Bowl berth, and the record holder for almost every single major passing statistic, it’s clear McNabb ushered in the golden age of Eagle football.

DeSean Jackson was critical of Donovan McNabb
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His legacy as a teammate, however, has been called into question again.

Speaking on the “I Am Athlete” podcast Saturday, former pro-bowl wide receiver, Desean Jackson spoke out against McNabb when the two played together.

Jackson and McNabb only played together for two seasons (’08-’09 seasons), but after Jackson was the first player in NFL History to be named to the Pro Bowl at two different positions, the receiver claimed he heard that McNabb said, “Damn, I don’t think he (Jackson) should’ve got that. He shouldn’t have deserved that.’”

Jackson’s historic 2009 season saw him catch 62 passes for 1,156 yards and 12 total touchdowns.

The comment in question was allegedly told to him by Michael Vick, who was on the Eagles roster with Donovan McNabb and DeSean Jackson back in 2009. DeSean Jackson also went on to say that McNabb was cheap with his money, stating, “He’d make you pay for everything.”

Jackson’s comments are the latest comments against McNabb from a former receiver. Former first-round round pick, Freddie Mitchell said in a tweet, “(Donovan) McNabb screwed my whole career up”

Then there is the whole fiasco with Terrell Owens. While Owens and McNabb were synonymous with one of the greatest seasons in Eagles’ history, the feud between the two players ultimately ended with Owens in Dallas and the Eagles never being able to fully recover.

Now, DeSean Jackson’s comments will do nothing to help squash the rumors of McNabb being a bad teammate to fellow receivers.

DeSean Jackson’s history with New York

Both McNabb and Jackson have had a strong history against the New York Giants. McNabb went 10-9 lifetime against the rival Giants, while also going 1-1 in the playoffs. Over the course of 19 games, McNabb threw for 26 TD’s and eight interceptions against New York.

Jackson on the other hand has terrorized New York throughout his career. Jackson has a total of 73 catches for 1,149 yards and nine touchdowns. That’s also not including his two punt return touchdowns against the Giants, the most famous coming in the second running of the Miracle of the Meadowlands

While Jackson and McNabb both have had personal experience against the G-Men, this latest feud is just another in a long line of complaints against the Eagles quarterback. 

McNabb has not currently responded to the latest claims from Jackson.

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