Film Room Week 10: Comparing Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers’ rushing attacks

A week after the Giants gave up 350 yards and five touchdowns on the ground to the Seattle Seahawks, they go up against another run-heavy offense: the San Francisco 49ers, who amassed 144 rushing yards and two touchdowns against the New Orleans Saints.

Both NFC West teams have their similarities: their offense features a mobile quarterback and a powerful, downhill running back that doesn’t shy away from contact.

However, whereas the Seahawks simply like to control the line of scrimmage and let Marshawn Lynch barrel over defenders, the 49ers used a bit more complex of a scheme to create holes for Frank Gore against the Saints. Here are two plays — one from the Giants’ game against the Seahawks, and one from the 49ers’ game against the Saints — that show how two similar offenses could approach the same situation differently.

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