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Knicks, Nets future draft picks: A guide

Carmelo Anthony was acquired in a 2011 trade

Carmelo Anthony was acquired in a 2011 trade that allowed the Nuggets to swap 2016 first-round picks with the Knicks. The Knicks subsequently traded that stipulation to the Raptors. Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac

The NBA will hold its annual draft lottery Tuesday night in Manhattan. What should be a night to be hopeful for the future instead leaves a sour taste for Knicks and Nets fans, given that both teams traded away their respective first-round pick years ago.

The Knicks gave the Nuggets the right to swap picks in the 2011 Carmelo Anthony trade, and the lesser of those two picks went to the Raptors thanks to the infamous 2013 Andrea Bargnani deal. The Nets’ pick went straight to the Celtics as part of the Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce blockbuster of 2013.

Because so many of the teams’ draft picks are coming from or going to other teams over the next several years, this seemed like a good time to check in with what draft picks the Knicks and Nets do and don’t own at present, according to RealGM.


Not only do the Knicks not have their first-round pick, they don’t have a second-rounder either; the Rockets hold that one, No. 37 overall.

In addition to their first-rounder going to the Celtics, the Nets and Clippers will swap second-round spots. Instead of picking No. 33 overall, Brooklyn has the No. 55 overall pick.


The Knicks, at long last, own all of their first-round picks from here onward. And, although their second-rounder is currently held by the Jazz, they do get the Rockets’ pick in that round.

Bad news, Brooklyn: the Celtics can swap first-rounders this year. With Boston looking like a perennial playoff team, this won’t likely be a lottery pick. Plus, the Hawks get the Nets’ second-rounder as the final cost of the 2012 Joe Johnson trade.


To make a long story short, the Knicks will draft in the second round from either the Clippers’ slot or their own, whichever is less favorable. The 76ers get the better pick.

Penance will finally be paid to the Celtics, who receive the Nets’ first-rounder again. Brooklyn won’t have it’s second-rounder either, as that will go to either the 76ers or Hornets.


First, the simple part for the Knicks. Their second-rounder goes to the 76ers — get used to reading this. The Knicks aren’t shut out of Round 2, however. Thanks to a series of trades, the Knicks would have the Cavaliers’ pick in the round and either the Magic or Rockets’ selection, depending on how teams finish in the standings.

The Nets’ first-rounders are their own from here on out, at least as of Tuesday afternoon. Their second-rounder goes to the Grizzlies, though.


Both the Knicks and Nets will send their second-round pick to the 76ers this year — Philly has a lot of picks at its disposal for the time being.


One last time, the Knicks send Philadelphia their second-rounder. Meanwhile, the Nets finally have both of their original picks.


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