Mexico coach Miguel Herrera’s excitement makes him Internet meme

Herrera gets very happy when his team scores a goal at the World Cup.

No one celebrates a goal by Mexico’s national team quite like Miguel Herrera.

Herrera’s boisterous, often two-fist-pumping celebrations have made him a sensation on the Internet and among World Cup watchers. On Monday, during his team’s winning game against Croatia, he seemed to take it to a whole new level.

At one point, he even bear-hugged a player while rolling on the pitch.  

The Wall Street Journal called him “The Most Animated Soccer Coach Ever.”

Herrera’s antics have even inspired mashups of Herrera as Pokemon’s Super Saiyan, bursting into flames and throwing off lightning bolts.

Here’s a collection of animated GIFs that show him in all his unrestrained glory.

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