Michael Jeter? CBS News tweets wrong name during All-Star Game; Internet goes wild

Oh, CBS News. The Internet can be a cruel place.

CBS News accidentally tweeted about “Michael Jeter’s” last All-Star game on Tuesday night — and although they deleted the tweet and apologized, Michael Jeter quickly became the top trending topic on Twitter.

The tweet heard ’round the world went out at 10:03 p.m.

“Michael Jeter takes bow at his final All-Star Game.”

By 10:20 p.m., the tweet was gone and replaced with “Whoops, we meant to say DEREK Jeter takes a bow at his final All-Star Game.”

But that’s an eternity in the Internet. “I wonder what Derek #Jeter did when Michael took a bow,” tweeted @7Marshall.

Even more unfortunate for CBS News: an actor named Michael Jeter died in 2003, making the whole error especially joke-worthy.

“Who DOESN’T respect late character actor Michael Jeter. But aren’t we a little late to the party,” tweeted @ChrisRRegan.

After the jokes come the memes. Savvy users began photoshopping Michael Jeter’s head on Derek Jeter’s body. “michael jeter [sic] takes a bow #re2pect” tweeted @nick_pants, along with Michael Jeter photoshopped over Derek Jeter’s body at the game.

Michael Jordan’s head was also photoshopped on Jeter’s body.

“The #ASG2014 brings back memory’s [sic] of the Derek Jordan days,” tweeted @Dammarvlll, along with a picture of Michael Jordan playing baseball.

And, of course, the Wikipedia page for the actor Michael Jeter was edited.

At least you got a trending topic on Twitter, CBS News. Does that help with the pain?