NBA Finals odds and prop bets

The NBA Finals begins Thursday night as the Golden State Warriors look to repeat as champions against the team they beat last year, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

MyTopSportsBooks.com put together these odds and prop bets.

Odds to win the NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors: 1/2
Cleveland Cavaliers: 2/1

Odds the series goes

5 Games: 7/3
6 Games: 7/3
7 Games: 3/1
4 Games: 6/1

Odds to win the NBA Finals MVP

Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors): 1/1
LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers): 7/3
Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors): 12/1
Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors): 15/1
Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers): 18/1

Odds to lead the NBA Finals in points-per-game

Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors): 3/2
LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers): 3/1
Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors): 4/1
Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers): 9/1
Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers): 20/1

Odds to get suspended during the NBA Finals

Draymond Green: 7/2
Anyone else: 6/1

O/U for total number of technical fouls in the NBA Finals: 3

O/U for total number of flagrant fouls in the NBA Finals: 0.5

Odds either head coach (Tyronn Lue or Steve Kerr) is not with the same team next year: 5/1

Odds on which head coach will be fired first

Tyronn Lue (Cleveland Cavaliers): 1/3
Steve Kerr (Golden State Warriors): 3/1

Odds to be playing for a different team next year

LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers): 4/1
Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers): 8/1
Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers): 15/1
Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors): 15/1
Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors): 20/1
Draymond Green (Cleveland Cavaliers): 20/1

Odds of a brawl during the NBA Finals: 12/1

Odds of a fan streaking the court during the NBA Finals: 25/1

Odds of reaching the 2017 NBA Finals

Cleveland Cavaliers: 6/5
Golden State Warriors: 3/2

Odds of a third straight Golden State vs. Cleveland matchup in the 2017 NBA Finals: 9/2

Stephen Curry vs LeBron James Props

Odds to win more career NBA titles
LeBron James: 3/2
Stephen Curry: 7/3
Tie: 7/3

Odds to win more career regular season MVP awards

LeBron James: 3/7
Tie: 4/1
Stephen Curry: 9/1

Odds to win more career NBA Finals MVPs

LeBron James: 1/4
Tie: 6/1
Stephen Curry: 15/1

Odds to win more career NBA scoring titles

Tie: 1/1
Stephen Curry: 11/9
LeBron James: 20/1

Odds to hold more individual NBA records at the end of their career

LeBron James: 1/4
Stephen Curry: 4/1

Odds to acquire more new endorsements in the future

Stephen Curry: 1/3
LeBron James: 3/1

Odds to have more film roles/credits in their career

LeBron James: 1/5
Stephen Curry: 5/1

Odds a LeBron James statue is built outside the Cavs’ arena: 1/1

Odds a Stephen Curry statue is built outside the Warriors’ arena: 13/10

Odds James and Curry play on the same team for at least one season: 20/1

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