Trevor Lawrence addresses NFL future as Jets close in on No. 1 pick

Trevor Lawrence Jets
Clemson standout quarterback Trevor Lawrence.
Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

Trevor Lawrence admitted that he hasn’t watched a lot of New York Jets football. 

That’s probably a good thing. 

The Clemson standout quarterback, who is all but a lock to go No. 1 overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, has been the most recent subject of franchise-quarterback dreams regarding the 0-13 Jets, who are just three losses away from securing that top pick next year. 

Lawrence has the option to forego the draft and spend one more season at Clemson — which would make this entire tank job by the Jets somewhat worthless — but he hinted during an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show that this is his last season playing collegiately. 

And the next step of his football career, which likely will come with the Jets, is waiting for him.

“I think I’m ready,” Lawrence told Patrick (h/t Sporting News). “I think my journey at Clemson — I’ve learned a lot, I’ve grown up a lot these few years and I’m really just ready to take on whatever challenge it is, and just have that opportunity. …

“Honestly, I know some of this stuff I say sounds cliché, but just to have the opportunity to go somewhere, help someone rebuild if that what it is, or whatever, and just win. That’s something I love doing, that’s what I’m best at, is winning. Regardless of stats, that’s what I love. Just to have that chance. Obviously, some places it might be more of a challenge than others, but I think I’m up for it.”

The Jets have often been a destination where promising quarterbacks never truly live up to their expectations, though it’s more out of institutional negligence than anything else. 

Sam Darnold is the latest high-end prospect that is on the verge of being disposed of by the team after regressing in his third season. While he has struggled, he was set up with a sieve-like offensive line, a lack of legitimate offensive weapons to surround himself with, and a head coach in Adam Gase that is building a reputation of derailing good quarterbacks. 

He ran Ryan Tannehill right out of Miami during his time as head coach with the Dolphins and he’s now excelling with the Tennessee Titans. 

It’s unlikely that Gase will be running the Jets by the time Lawrence arrives at MetLife Stadium — if that happens — which makes finding the right mentor and developmental system that much more important this offseason for Gang Green. 

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