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Pop-up shop has a photo booth for your nether region and sexual-health panel discussions

A sexual-health-themed pop-up with a bathtub full of tampons and a photo booth for your nether regions is opening on Bowery April 17.

To celebrate her new book, “Get on Top,” Meika Hollender, founder and CEO of sexual-wellness brand Sustain Natural, is opening a pop-up shop that includes panel discussions, curated events and museum-like installations.

“It will be similar in vibe to the Museum of Ice Cream, but all sex and vaginas: very whimsical, over-the-top and bold,” Sustain Natural’s news release reads.

While the shop certainly sounds over-the-top with an “anonymous vulva selfie booth” and a “coochie counter” where you can purchase nontoxic condoms and other accoutrements, the purpose is practical, according to Hollender.

“People ask me all the time, ‘What’s the one thing people should do to take control of their sexual and reproductive health?’ My answer: Start talking,” she said, mentioning a number of issues, from HPV, condom culture, consent, multiple partners and more. “For years, we’ve been having these conversations via our customer service team, in the media and on social media, but ‘Get on Top’ put a stake in the ground in helping us define our voice and role in sexual and reproductive education.”

Her book covers topics from contraception and menstruation to relationships and consent in a pro-pleasure, safety-first and sex-positive way, and so a traditional book tour didn’t seem to fit.

“We thought we’d turn it on its head and sort of ‘tour the book’ instead, staying in one place and dedicating each day of the pop-up to a different chapter,” she said.

From April 17-22, visitors will learn how to deal with hormonal imbalances, how to protect themselves from unplanned pregnancy and STDs and more. They’ll also get to touch, feel (and taste) products in the space that honors sexual exploration, health and wellness, Hollender said.

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