New Year’s Eve Times Square Wishing Wall turns your 2017 hopes into confetti

You can add to the Wishing Wall in Duffy Square or make a submission online.

The beginning of a new year is not only a time to bid farewell to the past, but a time to be hopeful for what’s to come.

The Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment have set up a pop-up Wishing Wall in Duffy Square where people can write down their wishes for 2017 on pieces of paper.

Those wishes, resolutions, hopes and dreams are then added to confetti to create 3,000 pounds of “wishfetti,” which will rain down on revelers in Times Square at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

You can make a wish in person by visiting the Wishing Wall in Duffy Square (Seventh Avenue and 47th Street) between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. any day of the week leading up to Dec. 29, except on Christmas Day.

If you can’t make it to Times Square, you can submit your wish on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #confettiwish, or you can head to the Times Square Online Wishing Wall. But if you want your wish to float over Times Square this New Year’s Eve, get your submission in before Dec. 28. Any wishes after that will be printed for the 2017 New Year’s Eve celebration.

Lauren Cook