A, C, F, G trains temporarily disrupted by power outage in Brooklyn, MTA says

A power outage disrupted service on the A, C, F and G lines on Sunday afternoon.

After nearly two hours, subway service was restored with extensive delays between Brooklyn and Manhattan Sunday afternoon following a power outage near the Jay Street-MetroTech station.

Con Edison and the MTA said crews were rapidly working to restore service after equipment was damaged by a manhole fire around 1 p.m. The utility lost seven feeders, according to an MTA spokesman.

Several buildings in Downtown Brooklyn, in addition to the subway station, lost power temporarily, according to a Con Ed spokesman.

Initially, the MTA shut down service on the A, C, and F lines between Manhattan and Brooklyn and completely shut down the G train.

By 3 p.m. power was restored to Jay Street and the lines were back in running, however, with extensive delays, according to the MTA.

Despite the shortness of the disruption, Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the power outage “completely unacceptable.” He ordered the Department of Public Service to conduct an investigation into the outage.

“ConEd must be held accountable for the multitude of issues with their infrastructure that are too frequently impacting the lives of millions of New Yorkers,” he said in a statement.

Ivan Pereira