Alternative Side Parking suspended through May 17: Mayor

Cars parked along a city street with a canopy of trees overhead in New York City NYC
Photo via Getty Images

Alternate side parking will continue to be suspended until May 17, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Monday. 

The city will resume alternate side parking during the week of May 18 to the 24 for a citywide “clean sweep.”

“We want to make sure that while we are giving every consideration to people, we also have to keep an eye on cleanliness, very important to the overall health and well being of this city,” said de Blasio during his daily coronavirus press briefing. 

After May 24, Alternate side parking will be suspended for the following two weeks until Sunday June 7. 

“Hopefully that will last us a substantial period of time,” said de Blasio. “We have to see how it goes. We have to see what we can achieve.”