Brooklyn bus brawl between older man and group of women caught on video

A Brooklyn brawl that had erupted on an MTA bus between a group of women and an older man was caught on video.

NYPD is looking into the video, which was brought to the attention of the department Monday, a spokeswoman said. MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz directed questions to the NYPD.

The cellphone video, posted by Mediatakeout on Sunday, showed a woman and the older man, sporting a white beard and red hat, bickering. The woman then yells “do something.”

The old man stands up and swings his backpack towards the group, sparking four women to jump him as riders run off. When the man grabs one woman by the hair, a woman can be heard saying, “gimme that knife.” But a bus rider then intervenes, ending the fight before anything serious happens.

It is unclear when or where the fight took place, but Mediatakeout says the clip came from a Brooklyn bus.