New MetroCard Calculator makes the fare increase not as terrible

Start collecting quarters — the subway fare increases from $2.50 to $2.75 this Sunday.

While the MTA has recently been worse than usual, that’s not stopping our mass transit system for raising their prices.

Luckily, in some sympathy for commutors (leave the tourists out of this), the MTA has published an official MetroCard Calculator that allows riders to see how many rides they can get for their buck.

The online tool lets you enter the balance on your Metrocard and see how much value you should add for maxiumum bonus value (11% bonus with a minimum refill of $5.50), rides per card and a $0 balance leftover.

Some magic refill numbers? $22.30 for a bonus value of $24.75, 9 rides and $0 leftover; $27.25 for a bonus value of $30.25 11 rides and $0 leftover; $49.55 for a $55 bonus value, 20 rides and $0 leftover…

Getting an EasyPay Express card apparently does this all for you, but we appreciate being able to see our savings!