More subway riders are surviving being hit by trains this year

Scrappy subway riders this year are surviving more often than they did last year after being hit by trains, according to MTA data.

Trains have struck 181 straphangers in 2015, leading to 41 deaths.

At this point last year, 171 riders were hit on the rails and 52 died.

Most recently, an intoxicated man survived a close encounter with the rails when he tumbled to the tracks at the West Fourth Street station on Wednesday evening, documents show.

The man stretched out on the rails but a transit supervisor helped rescue him from the tracks before he was struck by a train. He was treated at Lenox Hill Hospital.

The last subway fatality was on Oct. 24, when a Queens man was struck by a northbound No. 7 train at the Junction Boulevard station, according to police officials and the MTA.

A train conductor called the police at about 1:20 a.m. after he spotted an unattended package on the platform. When the train left the station, police officers at the scene saw the rider’s body on the northbound tracks. Investigators believe the 26-year-old man may have been intoxicated, police officials said.

Service was halted for about 21/2 hours and 10 trains were late because of the police investigation.

There has been one homicide in the subway so far in 2015.

David Green, 57, of the Bronx attacked Alfredo Ramos, 51, of Jersey City at the Essex Street station on the Lower East Side Aug. 28 to teach him a lesson, according to court papers.

“Touch me and I’ll break every bone in your body, and hit me and I’ll take you down,” he allegedly told Ramos.

He then pummeled him several times, until the victim blacked out and slammed his head on the platform, documents show. Ramos didn’t survive the head injury.

Green told police he fled the station because he didn’t want to be arrested. He said “he should have walked away but he did not,” according to court papers.

He is being prosecuted on a first-degree manslaughter charger, and is being held at Riker’s Island.

His lawyer did not return a request for comment.