MTA adding plexiglass to work locations as coronavirus pandemic continues

Craig Cipriano with a Bronx bus on March 5, 2020. (Photo: Marc A. Hermann / MTA New York City Transit)

The MTA is taking further steps to make sure that their employees are protected amid the pandemic.

According to a statement released by Craig Cipriano, Acting President, MTA Bus & Acting Senior Vice President, NYCT Department of Buses, the MTA will be adding plexiglass barriers at all of their work locations. 

The barriers will be installed at all 28 bus depots and three central maintenance facilities. Dividers will also be installed in areas where MTA employees congregate, such as storerooms, dispatcher windows and maintenance Line Supervisor desks, and markers will be placed on the floors so employees can stay six feet apart.

“These efforts add another layer of protection for our frontline employees, who are the heroes moving heroes during this unprecedented crisis,” said Cipriano. “Every action we take is to protect the health and safety of our workforce, including providing nearly 750,000 masks and 2.7 million pairs of gloves.”

The plexiglass barriers are the latest in a variety of changes made since the pandemic began. The MTA has since eliminated all cash transactions and started up rear-door boarding on all local buses. Front rows on express buses have taken away front-row seating.

 “We continue to recommend in the strongest terms all essential workers traveling with us during this time wear a face covering. Additionally, our ‘Temperature Brigade’ is deployed to 22 work locations systemwide, including 13 work locations across New York City Transit,” said Cipriano. “The health and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority.”