Next Stop: Westchester County, beyond your expectations


In under an hour, the Metro-North can whisk you into the heart of Westchester, where you’ll be met by hours of activities, including seasonal sips and sizzles, stunning nature trails and fall festivities for all ages. Start planning your kind of fall getaway at visitwestchesterny.com 

Seasonal sips and sizzles: Westchester has a sensational culinary scene with plates of all kinds to warm the belly and impress the taste buds. Plus, its distilleries, craft breweries, cidery and micro-winery never disappoint when it comes to fall flavors. 

Stunning nature trails: From apple picking to park picnicking, biking on the trails to making your own path among the falling leaves at the park, it’s peak season in Westchester to spend time in nature.  

Fall festivities for all ages: Westchester is filled with fall fun. Come spend a day on one of the several farms and orchards filled with u-pick apples, farmers’ markets and pumpkin picking. You can even learn what it’s like to live on a farm by helping out with some of the chores or tending to some furry friends! Stop by a fresh bakery to fill up on your fall favorites, or enjoy a craft flight with friends. Plus, you can’t forget to check out our fall events—including The Great Jack  O’Lantern Blaze, where more than 7,000 hand-carved jack o’ lanterns are displayed. 

Start planning your kind of fall getaway: Whether you’re looking to visit for a day or stay the weekend, arranging a trip to Westchester couldn’t be easier. Westchester offers a wide variety of accommodations, dining options and activities to meet the vacation styles of just about everyone. See all the things you can do, taste and enjoy at visitwestchesterny.com.

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