The Swiss -- the people who brought us great watches, secretive bank accounts and a strong sense of neutrality -- are bestowing a free day of Citi Bike riding to New Yorkers on Thursday.

For Bike-to-Work week, Citi Bike's day passes will be at no cost. Switzerland Tourism, which paid a partnership fee, has been advertising in Citi Bike materials for new members to get people to ride the bike-friendly country, with 5,600 cycling routes and 2,800 biking trails.

Bicycling in Switzerland, which has a nationwide bike share program called PubliBike, is popular: 9% of all trips in the country are made on bikes.

Anyone who wants a free Citi Bike ride can get a 24-hour pass, usually $9.95, with a credit card without a promo code, though a $101 security hold will be placed on the card, according to Citi Bike.

A day pass offers free unlimited 30-minute rides. Users would still pay for overtime charges under the promotion.