Taxi scams: How to spot a fake cab in NYC

Talk of imposter taxis has been spreading this week, after a user posted an possible scam to Reddit, alleging the poser cabbie was aiming to steal his credit card information.

Greg Gordon of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission told us the key ways to spot an unlicensed yellow taxi on the street. 


Look for a medallion


All TLC licensed yellow taxis have a medallion affixed to the hood of the vehicle and each medallion has its own individual number.


Pay attention to the medallion number


Medallion numbers consist of a number, followed by a letter, followed by two more numbers. For example, a medallion number could be 4Q88 (this is not an actual medallion number).


You’ll find it in many places


Besides the hood of the car, the medallion number also appears on the rooflight, license plates, and the left and right side, just behind the rear passenger doors, on the exterior of the vehicle.


Even the visually impared passengers can find it


The medallion number is also posted on the upper left of the partition, on a “rate card,” as well as on raised letter and Braille plaques, for visually impaired passengers.


Look for the right “accessories”

All licensed yellow taxis will have a meter, taxi TV monitor and credit/debit card reader. 


Look for a license


All medallion taxi drivers are required to clearly display their TLC license within the vehicle.


Have concerns?

Passengers are encouraged to report any experiences with an illegal taxi to 311.