Uber driver helps passenger give birth near Lincoln Tunnel

An Uber car waits for a fare in lower Manhattan on Aug. 10, 2015.
An Uber car waits for a fare in lower Manhattan on Aug. 10, 2015. Photo Credit: iStock

A quick-thinking Uber driver helped calm the nerves of a woman as she gave birth to her child inside Lincoln Tunnel on Monday night. 

Erick Rodriguez, 25 of Manhattan, thought he was making a routine trip the even rush hour when he responded to the Uber hail from the unidentified Hoboken woman and her mother.

The passengers were headed to Lennox Hill Hospital but things got scary when the pregnant woman’s water broke while the car was halfway through the Lincoln Tunnel.

“Her mom got really nervous and was apologizing about messing up the back seat, but I was like ‘It’s OK, don’t worry, stay calm,'” said Rodriguez, who’s been driving with Uber for eight months.

He  called 911 and first responders said they’d be on the way. Rodriguez eventually made it out of the tunnel, pulled over and waited for EMTs and police to arrive.

Ultimately, the first responders delivered the baby in the car’s back seat, much to the amazement of the driver.

The gender of the baby wasn’t released.

Uber gave Rodriguez free Yankee tickets and cleaned his vehicle while the mother received a free ride home and a company-branded baby onesie.

The driver said he has a bigger appreciation for mothers after seeing firsthand what they go through when they have kids.

“I’ve never seen [a delivery] before,” he said. “She was going through all this pain but kept staying strong.”