Uber rival Gett launches ad campaign against rideshare giant

The rideshare company Gett has launched a new ad campaign directly targeting its largest rival, Uber.

The new ads for Gett, which operates in more than 60 cities worldwide, remain in keeping with the e-hail app’s aggressive branding as a surge-free rideshare option. Beginning Monday, a total of 25 yellow ads with black text will be visible in bus shelters and phone kiosks, including the new LinkNYC totems, as well as some 570 subway cars.

“If you like paying more, definitely go with Uber,” reads one ad. “Swipe left on surge pricing” and “You didn’t know what surging meant until you knew what Uber meant,” are examples of two more.

After gaining popularity in European cities like Moscow and London, the Israeli-based startup slowly eased into the New York City market in 2014 and has been vying for a piece of Uber’s pie ever since. When the company rolled out similar ads in August of last year, it said it saw a tripling of weekly app installs and rides.

In May, Volkswagen invested $300 million in Gett to dip its feet into the rideshare market.