Video of the Week — A Scurrying Stowaway

Bushwick resident Kevin Coop was driving to a friend’s wedding upstate when he noticed someone — or something — hitched a ride in his car. About three hours into his drive, a rat popped out of the hood of his vehicle.

“It’s an everyday norm seeing several rats scurrying around doing their busy work. It had also just rained pretty heavily so I’m assuming some elevation into my engine was appealing,” said Coop.

The rat ended up going into the engine. Coop took flashlights to the engine and looked everywhere, I had to go join the festivities eventually. Coop says that the rat was definitely was shook learning that it wasn’t in Brooklyn anymore.

Thankfully, the rat didn’t leave any lasting damage to the car. Coop says his social media comments said that “Most people would have either drove off the road, or instantly passed away in that moment.”

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