What is the MOST NY? Vote in this week’s Sweet 16 round to find the quintessential city icon!

Most NY icons: Bodega cat, Sonic balloon, pizza slice
What New York icons will advance out of the Sweet 16 in our Most NY tournament?
Illustration by Luis Matos and Sylvan Migdal

As the city that never sleeps continues its relentless journey towards crowning the quintessential New York icon, amNewYork x What is New York’s bracket enters its second week of fierce competition. With emotions running high and the stakes even higher, last week’s battle of 32 saw key triumphs and heartbreaks in the hunt to find out “What is New York?” 

In a showdown of Broadway proportions, the NYC Animals category saw a clash of urban titans. Rats emerged as an unlikely hero over Flaco the Owl’s valiant efforts. Meanwhile, cockroaches proved their resilience in a key victory over bedbugs. Bodega Cats saw their own glory over the illustrious Dogs in Bags, and Pigeons beat out Spotted Lantern Flies to secure a spot in the Sweet 16

Illustration by Sylvan Migdal

Moving on to NYC Landmarks, the Empire State Building secured a much-needed win over the Wall Street Bull, while underdog Times Square earned a surprising victory over the “World’s Most Famous Arena”—Madison Square Garden. The Statue of Liberty thwarted the Brooklyn Bridge (despite being in New Jersey), while Central Park lives on thanks to a win over the Coney Island Boardwalk. 

Illustration by Sylvan Migdal

In NYC Foods, Pizza easily claimed victory over Black and White Cookies, and Bagels bravely fought and won against the Dirty Water Dog. In one of the closest victories of the first round, the Pastrami Sandwich barely knocked the Chopped Cheese from contention. The bodega breakfast favorite Bacon Egg and Cheese will also move on after triumphing over Disco Fries. 

Illustration by Sylvan Migdal

When asked about the most iconic NYC Events, voters found the Times Square Ball Drop easily outweighed Santa Con. New York Fashion Week secured a win over PrideFest, while the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade trounced the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting. The last event to move on will be the NYC Marathon after swiftly destroying ComicCon. 

Which icons will see their own Cinderella story? Who will be crowned the ultimate New York icon? Choose the winner of each matchup on the @amnewyork Instagram account this week, and see who will advance to the Elite Eight!