YPlan's mobile app was made to aid New Yorkers in one of their favorite activities: going out on the town. The app, a favorite of Ashton Kutcher and Pharrell Williams, curates events in the city each night from a wide range of categories.

"On any given day on YPlan you could find tickets to the Yankees game, a great concert at Barclay's center, some great Broadway productions, Cirque du Soleil as well as those great niche events like tasting menus, night club access, and art gallery openings," says Vito Iaia, the app's North America managing director.

And that's why the folks at YPlan know the five boroughs in a way few others do. They know who's into music, and who's not afraid to live it up on a Monday night. They know who's spontaneous, who plans ahead and who has the best sense of humor (according to their sales, anyway). We got them to share their insights with us, some of which may definitely surprise you.

YPlan is available for free download on the Apple Store and Google Play.