Moxy Hotel's Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge opens with 'adult sensibility'

You've got to be 21+ to enter this amusement park.

A much-anticipated rooftop bar with a rotating antique carousel for seating, a topiary garden, and a miniature putt-putt course featuring gigantic statues of animals in sexually suggestive poses opened for business Wednesday evening, according to a spokeswoman for the nightlife company that designed it.

The TAO Group is calling its Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge an "'urban amusement park'" concept with an adult sensibility." So what exactly does that mean?

Celebrities like "The Blacklist" star Ryan Eggold, and actress and LGBT advocate Laverne Cox found out for themselves at a grand opening party Tuesday evening, the spokeswoman said.

Magic Hour is now open and free to all at 485 Seventh Ave., although hotel guests do get priority access.

Take a (slightly censored) look around before you visit the R-rated playground:

When you first step off the elevator, you'll see this

A dark hallway with a giant funhouse mirror will lead you to five distinct spaces.

One is Magic Hour's small interior lounge

Its vibe is "urban-industrial," according to TAO Group.

One outdoor area overlooks the Empire State Building

The fixtures here on the east side are those of the "elegant garden-party" variety.


The outdoor space on the west side has more of a carnival vibe

Note the balloon-shaped lamps above this bar.

There's even an antique carousel for seating

It rotates, so it's not just the liquor making you dizzy.

The bar's mini golf course is called 'Foreplay'

You can check out the pink-tinted statuary for yourself.

Drinks are allowed here, but it might be unwise to bring your food, too.

Magic Hour is serving a menu of small plates based on classic state fair foods, such as lobster rolls, baby back ribs and ice cream sandwiches.