Brooklyn’s Nose Best Candles teams up with Museum of Sex for special candle collaboration

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Photo courtesy of Nose Best Candles

A Brooklyn-based candle company is teaming up with the Museum of Sex to offer a steamy new scent that you can only find at the museum.

Nose Best Candles is known for candles that have quirky names that turn heads. With options like B*tch Goddess, Big Spoon, and Send Nudes, a collaboration with the Museum of Sex was a natural fit.

“So obviously, our candles are very cheeky in nature and they’re all with a central undertone. We approached the Museum of Sex back in October 2022 and we sent them a cold email, like let’s take a shot in the dark with this,” said Nose Best Candles cofounder Brittany Furnari. “We were on this rampage and sending out like 600 emails to like small boutiques in the city and like different shops and just trying to get wholesale clients, and nobody answered us but the Museum of Sex answered within minutes, which was really exciting. It was the collaboration of our dreams.”

The result was Sex Symbol, a soy wax candle that truly embodies everything having to do with both the Museum of Sex and Nose Best Candles.

“I think the candle was very attractive because when we introduced the candles to [the Museum of Sex], we introduce it always with them that they come with a Spotify playlist and a cocktail recipe, which is a very multi-sensory experience,” said Furnari. “And it leads itself into being really well-curated for a museum like the Museum of Sex that ends with the Super Fun Playland, a kind of amusement feature of the museum, and there’s a bar right there. So the aspect of the candle being a party in a jar is perfect for the museum.”

“The Museum of Sex is always looking for ways and to collaborate and feature local companies that hold true to our own values and mission on Sex. It was a no brainer to work with Nose Best and come up with this sexy scent that embodies the confidence, positivity, and freedom of pleasure. I’m honored to work with Nose Best and feature this exclusive candle in our award winning, globally recognized store. It deserves nothing less!” said Kit Richardson, Lead Product Manager at the Museum of Sex.

Just like Nose Best’s other candles, Sex Symbol comes with a link to a curated Spotify playlist that matches the candle’s energy as well as a cocktail recipe that can be enjoyed while the candle burns. The Sex Symbol candle boasts a “smoky cashmere” scent, which Furnari and Abbrancati describe as a sweet, leathery scent that appeals to a range of candle lovers.

“The idea is the whole idea of sex, drugs, rock and roll, that it’s kind of like this feminine sex icon, like rock star type of idea, which also kind of leads it to the playlist of like Prince being the first song you listen to. It’s just kind of like a flamboyant, sexy rock star who smells like a cigarette but also smells like a lady’s perfume,” said Cristian Abbrancati, cofounder of Nose Best Candles. “We wanted to keep it more of an androgynous type of scent, so if you’re more a masculine individual and you like smoky candles, you’ll be into it. If you like things that are on the sweeter end, it’ll have touches of that. We wanted to make sure that every single person would be interested in a candle that obviously has a very super bold name — I would argue it’s probably the boldest name we’ve ever put on a candle.”

Right now, the Sex Symbol candle is only available at the Museum of Sex gift shop for $22. To celebrate the new candle, Nose Best Candles and the Museum of Sex are hosting a launch party from 6 to 9 p.m. on April 27. The party will take place in the Museum Of Sex Dungeon, those who swing by can shop, drink and enjoy sets from DJ Sanity. The event is free and open to the public.

“So you’ll essentially experience the playlist and the cocktail recipe all in one space along with a party and get to also meet us,” said Abbrancati. 

For more information on Nose Best Candles, visit nosebestcandles.com. For more information about the Museum of Sex, visit museumofsex.com.